About us

Militant Design was established in 2000 as one man’s vision to provide the highest possible quality web solutions to organizations with small marketing and advertising budgets. It was also a way for this man to avoid a crappy part time job.

By using industry standard tools like the Adobe Creative Suite, wordpress, constant contact, social media platforms and google web tools, Militant Design provides turnkey solutions to your digital marketing needs.

If you have an idea about what you want for your business, perfect. If you’re not sure about how this internet thing works, that’s fine too, we make it easy for you.

The low cost thing isn’t a joke either. If you are interested in having Militant Design solve your web problem, reach out to us and get more information. Pricing isn’t posted, but will surprise you. Pay me like a plumber. I do the job and you pay me what it’s worth. No monthly hosting fees or any of that bullshit. You don’t pay your plumber every time you flush your toilet, right?